Sunday, March 15, 2020

Stress at the Workplace essays

Stress at the Workplace essays Stress is the state of tension experienced by individuals facing too many demands, constraints or opportunities. Work is sometime stressful and can easily disrupt a persons work-life balance. Work related stress comes from numerous factors such as too many task demands, role conflicts, job boredom, ethical dilemmas, or interpersonal problems. Poor career development and physical environment are also cause of workplace stress. But technology is now one of the biggest factors of stress. The information technology growth and globalization may enhance workplace productivity, but it also increases stress on workers. Technology is supposed to make employees feel more productive at work, less burdened. But technology is moving too fast for some people contributing to more stress. Technology increases stress because of the demand of learning new skills, possibility of lost information due to computer crashes or demands of email and voicemail. Adjusting to new technologies like the web, netwo rks, and personal communications have saturated todays workplace and placed more burdens and demands on workers- this definitely causes increased stress. There are now too many expectations, too many changes in work practice. Because of all the opportunity and technology available, instead of assigning a project over a few days, a manager will want a task completed by lunchtime. Stress and overload will emerge from these types of task demands. Too many expectations and demands cause burnout. With technology innovation comes fear of being next on the list to be laid off. Inadequate training and career development in technology is the cause job insecurity. With the pressures of mastering the IT revolution, there are increased productivity demands. Employees will need extra training to enhance employability and this causes stress also. Struggling to understand technologies is yet another cause of tension. More technology means employees and employ...

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