Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ambition Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Ambition - Essay Example (Brim, pp. 11-12) The word ambition is often referred as aspiration and pretension, which relates it with the possibility of a higher authority influencing the individual to have a similar ambition in his life. Such practice has been very usual nowadays, as business tycoons inspire young business individuals to have ambition to be like them. On the other hand, high scope of electrical engineering motivates students to acquire an ambition to get a bachelor science degree in the similar field. Every individual is diverse in terms of thinking, and therefore, different ambitions can be seen in minds of people that work day and night to fulfill their ambitions. In other words, ambitions can be different; however, every ambition allows the individual to seek a level of advancement and improvement in his life. It is very important that a higher level of advancement should be sought by the individuals, in order to live a meaningful life. Moreover, humans are created in such a way that they require some level of desire for improvement, and therefore, ambition plays a significant role in the continuation of human lives. In a logical point of view, it is very important that an individual should desire for an advanced level. For instance, it has been observed that people with no ambition results in nothing but a machine that works when switches on and does not, when switched off. In other words, it is very imperative that daily life of individuals should be equipped with ambition, motivation, or aspiration, or else, there would be no use of intellect or other human capabilities. Thus, it is very imperative that the term ambition should be taken into logical consideration rather than just empirical manner, as human lives are based more on systematic and logical factors. Now, the paper will try to discuss some other perspectives that may support the earlier discussed definition of ambition. Ambition is often referred as motivation and aspiration, some

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