Friday, January 31, 2020

The Phoenix hospital Essay Example for Free

The Phoenix hospital Essay The Phoenix Hospital has asked me to create a computer application to replace the existing manual one. In this system patient details have to be kept and information about borrowing of equipment. Records must be kept of what equipment has been borrowed, by whom and when, and also if any equipment is not available because it is being repaired. Aim My aim is to successfully create a database for the hospital, which they can4 use on an everyday basis. The database will need to: Ability to store details of equipment. Item code to identify the item and the type of equipment.   For each piece of equipment it must find:- whether it is available, being repaired or out on loan if on loan, to whom and at what address or ward number if on loan, when is it due to be returned or the loan renewed if being repaired, when was it sent for repair   Produce a hard copy of the above information for any piece of equipment.   Equipment is lent out for a 6- week period, this can be renewed for periods of 6 weeks.   Patients may have more than one piece of equipment on loan at a particular time.   At any one time, about half the equipment will be out on loan and 1 or 2 pieces will be in for repair. Names and addresses of patients are to be invented. Ward numbers are W1- W10. At the end of each week, a full report of the location of all equipment is to be produced. If equipment is due for return or renewal during the following week, that patient will be contacted. There is a standard letter for this purpose. Design Definition of Data Requirements I need to design tables, forms and queries which will enable me to meet the above aims. Record Structure Patient Table Field Name Data Type Field Length/ Format Validation Rule Input Mask Patient id AutoNumber Long Integer Title Text 5   Forname Text 50- Surname Text 50   gender Text Loan ID Number Long Integer   Item ID Text 50 Returned Yes/No   Figure 6 Loan Table Record Structure Design of Forms Patient Form Figure 7 Design of Patient Form Equipment Details Form Figure 8 Design of Equipment Details Form Welcome Screen Form Figure 9 Design of Welcome Screen Repair Form Figure 10 Design of Repair Table Design of Reports Locations Report Figure 11 design of Locations Report Equipment on Loan at End of Week Report Figure 12 Design of Equipment on Loan at End of Week Report Security and Integrity of Data Security and integrity are very important aspects of a database. I have made sure the database is secure from hackers, thieves and from general mistakes messing up the system. Security can be done using passwords to keep out people who shouldnt access areas. There are different levels of access rights these are read-only, Read/Write and No Access. Backup can help keep hold of important data in the event of the system being destroyed. Therefore the more frequently that backups are done the better. Integrity will minimize the amount of errors going into the system. Validating data in the database will help keep it in good working order and make it easy to search for data when needed.

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