Sunday, November 24, 2019

Teenage Pregnancies essays

Teenage Pregnancies essays Should the age of consent be lowered from 16 for heterosexual couples and to 18 for homosexual couples? But why does such a law exist. Hopefully, the following examines the commonly voiced arguments for and against the age of consent. Whatever the law passed in any country, there will always be supporters and opposers of it. Opposition can be for a number of reasons ranging from a sense of lost liberty to outright anarchy. The subject of sex however, is one that affects different individuals differently and amongst the popular arguments for under age sex are: that some young people might be mature and mentally as well as physically ready for a sexual experience a lot earlier than the prescribed age of 16; it may be the platform they need to progress from childhood to adulthood; it is a potentially enjoyable experience that they are being denied; it enables people to express themselves and their feelings early in life and not feel ashamed or inhibited about sex or sensitivity as they get older; it is a wonderful, mutually pleasurable pastime that in the main, does not cost money to perform; keeps you out of trouble and off the streets; it takes away the feeling of guilt and the need to sneak around behind your par ents back; there is less peer pressure on you to do it whilst at school; you can, through experimenting, decide on your sexuality and an early age;.... and no doubt the pro-arguments go on. In contrast, there are many compelling arguments to not only keep the age of consent where it is, but possibly to have it raised. Many of these have sadly been based upon unfortunate consequences of under age sex, but nevertheless serve to reinforce these arguments amongst which are: teenage pregnancies requiring many girls to drop out of school, give up their education and rob themselves of their youthful and social years; on the back of this, an early loss of innocence which man...

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